Renter to Homeowner

Renters have the power to purchase a home without fear of trying to time there lease with the purchase of there next home.

Vacancy Guarantee

We guarantee that we will minimize our vacancy rate and days off market, or we put our money where are mouth is.

Property Turnover

When the next tenant gets there new keys to there place, we pride ourselves in restoring properties in the best condition possible before move in.


Renter to Homeowner Program

This is for potential home buyers that are not quite ready to purchase a home and would like to temporarily rent from us. What the program does is allow potential buyers to rent one of our properties and if that tenant successfully purchases a house (minimum price of $150,000 and within a 20 mile radius of San Antonio, this includes New Braunfels and Boerne) using a realtor approved by Jacob David Properties, then they are allowed to terminate there lease early without any penalties. (please read progrom before using because there are rules and guidelines)

The owners benefit by this process as well. Once the house is vacant, owners will not lose any rent while Jacob David Properties finds a new tenant to occupy the property. We will pay all vacancies until the unit is filled or when current lease is expired (whichever comes first and as long as owner agrees to rent for market value). Also, we will waive the new leasing fee charge to the owner for the new tenant moving in.

This benefits all parties. Tenants will not have to time their home purchase with the expiration of there lease and owners will get a new tenant into there unit with a minimum of a new one-year lease without having to pay for a new leasing fee and also have the guarantee that they will not lose any money during the transition from one tenant to another.

Vacancy Guarantee

We work hard to get qualified tenants into your property by aggressively marketing your property to the public. If we allow your property to be vacant for over 60 days, we waive our new leasing fee and remove ALL management fees from ALL your properties until we fill the unit. "If YOU don't make money WE don't make money!"

Young family with real estate agent.


We are a very proud company and take pride in what we do. If you have any questions or want more information please contact us.